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    Affiliate site for sale, partly due to needing a bit of lump sum cash and partly because I've got other projects on the go that I need to focus on.

    The website is: ( domain also included)

    • The site makes around £200 a month in affilliate sales and adsense, this is without doing anything on it other than updating links every few weeks. With a bit of extra work and a push this could be increased significantly.
    • No1 for search terms 'nokia prism' and 'buy nokia prism' on google
    • First page on google for most 'nokia 7500 prism' and 'nokia 7900 prism' related search terms
    • 75% of traffic from organic Google results
    • Around 10,000 monthly unique visitors
    • Around 30,000 monthly page views
    • Google Page Rank 4
    • 700+ opted in email subcriber list using phplist

    Screenshots attached for analytics.

    Affiliate earnings are currently from amazon, affiliate future and

    Offers in the region of £X,XXX
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