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Nominet/transfer question

Discussion in 'New Domainers' started by Systreg, Feb 16, 2009.

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    I bought a domain from someone 4 months ago, the seller pushed it to my account at Dynadot, but they didn't send the Nominet transfer to me, said they had never heard of Nominet, after enquiring about it on here, I tried to explain to them that they could get a login for the domain and then transfer it to me, they said they would check Nominet out, but they never replied to me again after that.

    Anyway, today, I decided to phone Nominet about it to see what I could do to get it transferred to me, and they told me it was already in my account there, but it needed a password reset for it to show up, it's still in the sellers name as the registrant, but my home address for the registrants address.

    The woman I spoke to said I could transfer it to myself from my account, pay the fee and then it would be in my name, she sent me an email to reset my account password and then it appeared in the account.

    It seems a bit strange to me how it would be in my Nominet online services, without him actually sending me a transfer for it, how did that happen :confused:, I also transferred it from Dynadot to my account at 123-reg today.

    Right, my options are, I can now transfer the name to myself, pay the fee and it will be in my name, or, I can not bother wasting £11.50 to transfer it to myself, leave it in the other blokes name, sell the domain, then simply do the Nominet transfer from that account to the buyer if someone buys it, I assume that's alright to do?
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