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Offers: A2ZSF.Com A2Z San Francisco. A2ZTX.Com TXA2Z.Com TEXAS

Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by SkyHigh, Jan 28, 2008.

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    Taking offers on these three domain names.

    A2Z is perfect for directory style sites or general business/es advertis/zing web sites.

    I am now putting these three forward for your offers and consideration:

    A2ZSF.Com - A2Z San Francisco

    The following two are offered together as a package, since no-one would want the one without the other as this would present competition to either one of the domains by itself alone. Offers must reflect that these two are being offered as a package.

    Daft, silly very low offers will be ignored, I'm sorry, no more timewasters.

    These are all just 5 characters. Everyone is familiar with what A2Z means and what it stands for.

    So, in this case we have:


    and ...

    TXA2Z.Com (TEXAS)

    Please place your offers in the thread below or by pm.

    This is a multi forum post.

    If you make an offer, please stand by your offer price or negative trader rating will be left.

    My apologies in advance for being more strict about this these days, as stated above I'm tired of the very few and far between (thankfully) timewasters.

    Over to you guys.

    What could either of these packages be worth to you?

    I look forward to receiving your offers.

    Reg - expiry one full year's time.

    Many thanks.

    Mark Magawr
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