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    Hello guys,

    We are selling a 2 year old UK finance website – . The site has been running successfully for the last 2 years and provides information about banking, credit cards, insurance, investment, loans and mortgages.

    Reason for sale

    We have reallocated resources internally to other revenue streams/websites hence the business does not have time to develop this website. The site covers its cost and brings more than $2000 return on ad spend (ROAS) and are sure that more input/resource would result in increased profit margins.

    Why buy Okoza?

    The site is a good investment and foundation for a company who wants to break into the UK mortgage market or wants to expand its portfolio of finance sites. There is potential for expanding PPC and SEO activity and expanding into other areas such as email and behavioural targeting.

    The main focus of the site is mortgage lead sales and Okoza generates around $11000 per month of revenue. 90% of that is Mortgage leads revenue and the rest is credit cards and loans. The majority of the traffic (90%) comes through Pay Per Click (PPC). The PPC spend per month is around $9000. The rest of the traffic comes via organic traffic.

    Revenue details

    Facts about Okoza

    Established : 2005-08-25
    1042 content pages indexed in Google
    The name okoza came from Swahili - to aid", or "to bring assistance"
    The site is running on .NET platform and hosted on IIS
    The site uses Kentico CMS 1.7 (

    What we sell:

    All content that is under (with this url we also sell, , )
    Kentico license for 1 website
    Trademark for the Okoza name
    Necessary support for transferring the site to the new hosting – maximum of 8 hours technical time

    What we do not sell:

    We don’t sell or transfer Google/MSN PPC accounts with keywords and you will not be able to gain access to these accounts before the sale
    The site has lots of affiliate links and relationships with external companies – we don’t transfer these relationships and it’s the responsibility of the buyer to arrange new contracts.

    More details and auction on Sitepoint:

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