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Discussion in 'Fixed Price Domain Names For Sale' started by maverick, Aug 23, 2012.

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    For those of you who know anything about IT, Oracle are one of the biggest names in the business. In that industry there are always people looking for Oracle jobs. From Google keyword tool..

    Competition: Medium
    Exact searches: 9,900 global 2,900 local

    The below is a typical 'about Oracle Jobs' statement.


    From database analysis jobs, production jobs and security jobs to server administration jobs, data modelling jobs and development jobs – the choice of roles and sectors is far-reaching.

    Work environment
    As an Oracle expert, you’ll be working in a team to identify faults, as well as deliver improvements.

    Database specialists are trained in various skills, including using Oracle systems, which can make them a highly sought-after member of the technical team. Oracle experts could find themselves working in database administration or system development jobs.

    In a financial institution, for example, an Oracle specialist might administer and support a range of relational databases servicing critical, high availability applications

    To be an Oracle specialist, you’ll need to be equipped with the relevant skills and qualifications. This includes experience in various applications UNIX, DD1 and Dataguard as well as the main database packages and triggers.

    Furthermore, a degree in a technical discipline can prove an asset, along with qualifications that are recognised by the wider IT industry, such as an MCP, MSCE or CCNA.

    Depending on the technical level demanded by the specific role, it may be necessary to have experience in one or more other languages such as PHP or SQL.

    As with most areas of technical R&D, specialist knowledge and experience can lead to good career progression with a large number of companies.


    I just don't have time to do anything with it (I'm selling off a number of great domains at the moment for the same reason..)

    BIN £500. Which I'm embarrased to admit is less than I paid for it...

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