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Discussion in 'UK Websites For Sale' started by MOVC, Sep 15, 2011.

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    Hi there,

    After looking at some stats from old websites which I have not updated for a long time I have noticed a couple which may be a decent addition to someones portfolio.

    I have never done anything to this website/pages since I bought it over couple of years ago a spart of a group of websites.

    This would require a new basic website developed as it is very poorly put together but does have some decent search positions.

    I am willing to transfer this before christmas for someone to work on it if interested?


    Not something to shout home about but does get google traffic as follows but no idea on revenue:

    August 2010 - 79 visits
    September 2010 - 30 visits
    October 2010 - 120 visits
    November 2010 - 195 visits
    December 2010 - 145 visits
    January 2011 - 52 visits
    February 2011 - 38 visits
    March 2011 - 25 visits
    April 2011 - 36 visits
    May 2011 - 18 visits
    June 2011 - 34 visits
    July 2011 - 128 visits
    August 2011 - 226 visits
    Sept 2011 to date - 115 visits

    A new basic website with some new product pages etc could make this established domain a small earner and increase traffic further.

    Open to any offers on this thread or drop me a PM, will sell to highest offer as no use to me :)

    Offers open until Sunday 18th @ 10pm but may close earlier so get your offers in if interested.

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