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    Here is your opportunity to acquire an incredible ‘Get Paid To’
    Website with a powerful .Com domain name & an incredible
    Design hand crafted by our in-house design team. A Complete
    custom designed Power House of a Website ready for YOU to
    make huge money from.

    No other website online has the same design. is packed with features for you to successfully
    & easily run a cash machine of a website.

    The site runs powerful licensed scripts which are licensed to

    Affiliate marketing generates $5 BILLION EVERY YEAR in revenue. Take
    Your share by running, your own affiliate network!

    Every feature has been thought of, in fact, the site practically runs itself!

    With a stunning looking site like this combined with powerful features
    You will have people rushing to join and promote your offers meaning big
    Income for you.

    Here are the script/website features:

    • 4 Separate Autosurf/Manual Surf Traffic Exchanges.
    • Paid-to-Click.
    • Paid-to-Signup.
    • Paid-to-Review.
    • Paid-to-Read E-mail.
    • Internal User Inboxes.
    • Ad Timers.
    • Auto Login Feature.
    • Rotating Banner, Text, Pop-up and Pop-under Ad Manager.
    • Gold Membership Program (automatically assign unreferred members to gold members) Our gold program supports ANY ratio and distributes referrals fairly based on the ratios you assign.
    • Automated Member Sign-up - The sign-up process is completely automated - your new members will receive an E-mail to complete the sign up process and confirm their membership;
    • Automated Member Password Recovery.
    • Automated Member Cancellation.
    • Automated Member Crediting.
    • All Website Pages (privacy, terms, help, etc.) are Included in the Scripts.
    • Ability to provide Members with Sign-up Bonus and Referral Levels are Unlimited.
    • Award by Points or Cash.
    • Set Your Own Payout Levels, Payout Rate and Advertising Prices.
    • Inactive Accounts Can Removed by using a set criteria by you.
    • Stats page that is fast and accurate.
    • Visitor counters, show how many guests and members are online.
    • Vacation Mode: Your members will be able to place their account hold should they be away for long periods of time.
    • Redemption Page: You customize the redemption offers in your admin. section and they will appear on each members redemption page.
    • Search Users Database: Look up your members by username, e-mail address, first name, last name, IP address, country or join date.
    • Manage E-mail ad campaigns Easy to use manager with a built in search feature. Send an E-mail to members –
    A mailer that runs in the background and allows you to never have to restart and send the ad again, even if your server restarts it will pick up with the next person it needs to E-mail and continues from there.
    • Easier to edit pages. No more working around scripts, create your page in html, add a simple code, save as php and your done. The requirements are MYSQL 4.x, PHP 4.3 or higher and Cron
    • Easy to use autoupdater

    The site is brand new and has never been advertised so its nice & fresh for the new owner. So why are we selling it?
    This is what we do, develop high end, profit machine websites with unique stunning designs & features for sale to
    Sharp forward thinking business people like you!

    To have a website like custom designed & programmed to THIS STANDARD would cost you $1000’s
    Today you can buy which includes

    - The incredible website
    - Licenses to all scripts/code used
    - 1 Months Unlimited webhosting
    - All rights to the design, logo & flash
    - domain name
    - Full after sales support for 30 days.

    BEWARE: If you are looking at buying any website online make 100% sure that it has any licenses for programming or web scripts & that the license is provided to you. So many people sell ‘cookie cutter template’ sites using warez/pirate web scripts uses only FULLY licensed web scripts, programming & stock photos/images to guarantee a website that will
    Be successful and around for years to come.

    We accept payments by PayPal or bank wire at your discretion. Don’t miss this opportunity to
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