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Discussion in 'UK Websites For Sale' started by ScottJ, Jul 12, 2008.

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    I am taking offers on this very old UK tourism website.

    Domain – this is the UK international dialling code
    Domain Record created on 13-Oct-1997
    Website originally built in 1997
    Pages in Google around 945
    Backlinks are old and dated Yahoo shows over 700
    Links from domains with .edu or .gov TLDs: 10

    I started to give the site a re-design but most pages have not been done and therefore stats cannot be given from Google analytics, I have matrix stats installed from the host and can give stats from it for the whole site as it uses log files.

    The site is old and therefore traffic pretty stable – I can give stats from other months or give access to Matrixstats to serious buyers.

    Google Analytics shows just under 3000 visits for the pages I have that on for June:
    (direct) ((none)) 2,869 46.96%
    google (organic) 2,516 41.18%
    aol (organic) 101 1.65%
    live (organic) 78 1.28%
    ask (organic) 68 1.11%

    Lots of type in traffic.

    Full website stats from Matrixstats (based on log files)

    Total Sessions Served 37906
    Total Page Hits 92063
    Total Transferred 1.52 GB

    Most active referring domains during period with 753 referrals with 597 referrals with 463 referrals with 360 referrals with 324 referrals with 134 referrals with 87 referrals with 77 referrals with 72 referrals with 71 referrals

    Most active referring search engines during period
    Google with 6608 referrals
    Yahoo with 345 referrals
    AOL with 221 referrals
    MSN with 209 referrals
    AltaVista with 8 referrals
    Lycos with 1 referrals

    Ranks quite well for a lot of popular tourist attractions like Windsor Castle, Cheddar Caves, Dover Castle, screen cap of keywords & keyphrases for June.



    No income stats, the site could be used for travel/accommodation bookings, a directory, aff sales etc.

    This site is being offered for sale based on it's prime domain name and large site content along with the added value of it's age, aged & relative backlinks, type in traffic and overall traffic.

    High £x,xxx to Low £xx,xxx offers for this site.
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