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Discussion in 'Premium Domain Names' started by Whibs, Apr 13, 2012.

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    I am assisting Matt Dale with brokering this domain we have an offer which is being considered until the end of this month. On the 1st of May he will accept that offer. He has asked me to look for any other potential interest in the domain before finally closing.

    The site has over 330,000 visits last year and Matt is looking for serious offers in the 6 figures, last year this package was being marketed at nearly 1.5 million GBP and today he would be willing to consider offers over £350,000. The sale is domain only!

    I will be able to give you more details and will give you direct communication with the seller on request.

    Please no offers under £350,000

    Please drop me an email to paul AT domain-check/org/uk

    All the best

    Paul Whibley
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