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Discussion in 'UK Websites For Sale' started by ableit, Apr 11, 2013.

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    The Idea ...
    A place to compare print prices. As a user you can select a print product or type and find / filter prices from a range of companies. As a print company you can register and have a profile. But most importantly you can add your prices either individual or by uploading your price list.

    Why sell ?

    An idea we had 3 years ago, built the site from scratch (which is custom) but never had the time to develop it. We are now progressing with our print business Mang Printing

    It's current position
    Currently not monetised. We are going to charge a nominal monthly fee of £25.00 a month then charge on a cost per click basis from each deal. This is all setup the print company has a report and they can see each click

    Visitor Numbers
    20 - 25 uniques a month and from natural searches

    What's included ?
    Full copyright to all the site and code, all the imagery, the site (which is custom), the domain name and 1 months hosting to help with the move.

    The Price
    Quick sale £75.00 - payment by PayPal or BACS please

    We, Mang Creative, can quote for the development of the site or additional works if required.
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