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Discussion in 'Fixed Price Domain Names For Sale' started by cc976a, Oct 25, 2009.

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    Am contemplating selling (have that I will include as part of sale)

    The Nikon Coolpix launched in November 09 and has become the first digital camera to allow you to show your photos by projecting them on to a flat surface / wall / ceiling / screen etc...

    Others are planned as already this is tipped to be a very good seller at Christmas.

    The singular domain currently has a very basic one page site and as targeted the keyword and product early (before Nov launch) already is already 6th on Google for this keyword.

    Both are great domains for single minisite marketing tool of product / sales and comparison site of the Nikon Coolpix and others that are planned / affiliate site etc... as you can take both names you can mix-match ideas.

    Looking at offers around the £800 mark for the pair of names with a BIN set at £1k
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