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_co_uk PT (poss + design/website= Biz in a box)

Discussion in 'Premium Domain Names' started by ScottJ, Apr 21, 2012.

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    I am considering selling after receiving an unsolicited offer for the domain - an industry standard term for 'personal trainer', I already have a design and custom wordpress install sorted ( so that this could be a PT directory. I also have an older ranking site which could be 301'd to the domain to give immediate entry to market and income.

    So few options domain only (£5k offer received on the domain) with design & bespoke wordpress setup so that people can add their own listings. High £x,xxx with website + which ranks top 10 for personal trainer + fitness trainer, gets around 30 visitors per day and has an excel list of 90 current advertisers due for renewal/billing along with 3 national advertisers who pay £500 a year each, also have 2 more national advertisers who want to be listed but have been told to wait until I decide if the site gets moved to, so could be circa £2500 for national advertisers per year + the 90 individuals. Price: £xx,xxx

    I had planned on moving the existing site to the new domain and design, this is a business in a box for the right person. Not decided what I want to do with it but listening to offers on split or the whole lot. Email scott AT
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