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Discussion in 'Domain Name Registrars' started by DaveP, Mar 3, 2013.

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  1. DaveP United Kingdom

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    Hi all,

    I sold a domain to an end user recently and during the transfer process it was moved onto their account on's tag GBBOBT. However after the transfer the domain hasn't shown up in their register account.

    Have contacted in regards to this but they still haven't responded after nearly a week. This is after contacting them twice already. The end user has also contacted them.

    Anyone else have had any experience with them? :confused:

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  3. mozzeratti

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    I used them years ago and crossed them off my list as a future registrar for these reasons;

    - Seemed heavily focused on customer acquisition;
    *loss leaders with high backend/future costs
    *less than a straightforward process when it came transferring out
    -Less than stellar customer service - slow response/irrelevant responses
    * they now have a whole page extolling the greatness of their customer service and their rigorous 120 hr training + 115hr annual refresher course...
    -constant upsell
    -wasn't a popular registrar with my clients & potential buyers

    I would recommend getting ahold of them by phone:
    Tech Support outside the US/CA; (902) 749-5310, in the US/CA:(877) 381-2449
    Sales: (902) 749-5311, US/CA: (877) 454-5211

    The trick I often use with certain companies is to call the "sales line"...that one seems to present no trouble getting through. Then if necessary, a transfer to the relevant department, after the person you speak to provides you their name and the number/extension to the other department (just in case they accidentally hang up while you are on hold).
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