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Revenue split deal wanted.

Discussion in 'Services Wanted' started by michaeltoth, Aug 17, 2010.

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  1. michaeltoth United Kingdom

    michaeltoth (9) Active Member Known Trader

    Jan 2006
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    Hi there,

    I own that mant doman names that i will never get around to doing all my best ones. below i have listed a few that i would like to develop with someone else. If you are interested please PM me with your ideas. Could you also please tell me a little about yourself, what experience you have and what projects you have worked on.

    Regards Michael Toth and - My idea here is to release businesses from their UK commercial energy contracts, sign them up with a new contract and take a sales commission from the new energy company. Usually UK businesses are signed up to a 2 year contract from their energy supplier. Once that contract is up for renewal it is automatically renewed. It is hard to get out of if you don’t know how to do it. Most consumers just let the contract renew.

    This is already set up and working using no website and word of mouth contacts. I would propose an online presence with a telemarketing team phoning UK businesses that fit a predetermined set of criteria. We will give advice on energy contracts, show satisfied customers, have a form fill section, about us and contact us.

    Build a price comparison widget and/or iPhone app. Install smart meters for a consumer saving of up to 15% on their bills. By 2020 everyone has to have one.

    Income for this could be either commission based or lead generation plus on site advertising. then other country names – My idea would be to build a site that offers information for all ages including Villas sales and rentals, clubbing and music, car hire, flights, events, news, local government, moving to Ibiza, social networking and chat, emails etc. It will have more of a clubbing feel but I hope we can build it to still allows families to use it to book holidays.

    It would generate its income from selling placed ads to local businesses, UK holiday companies, villa sales and rentals, commissions on car hire, etc. Eventually to have blogging section and classifieds. We will allow free classified adverts. Affiliate deals can also be done to generate income. , and - This site will allow students (with help and incentives) to up load their CV’s. These CV’s will be viewable for free by any company who subscribes to the service (nominal fee or free), but name, age address, sex will be omitted. Distance to company looking will be shown. We will allow universities to list their jobs for free as an incentive for their support. If student unions allow us to advertise for free at freshers week and during the year on their boards we will give some form of an incentive for everyone signed up or CV paid for. We will force each CV to be update regularly ( possibly every 6 months) and will give incentives for better written CV’s (possibly free laptops). The site will have a blogging section and ask the expert ( experts from larger employment companies)

    Income will be derived from sale of each CV to potential employers ( possibly £25.00). Each CV can be sold many times. Employment agencies and education facilities can advertise. Banner adverts. Sale of CV’s. and (may include others)
    Price Comparison websites - Following the lead of we will develop a number of price comparison web sites that ultimately link into each other and keep customers within our income base. It would include customer written content for their praises or critical comments on how the trip went and how they rated the supplier. We would also have our own guys visiting and rating hotels that are more frequently visited. Revenue from bookings, travel insurance, car hire, parking, - (plus can use all other car related names.) – Allow the consumer to buy or sell a car, for free, including 2 photos. More photos to be charged for. Commercial vehicles could be charged a small fee. Desperate seller to be used until the site propagates with our own customers.
    We will have guides with unusual twists, like what is the cars turning circle, is it child friendly, these reports to be done as a wiki. Newsletter sent out about the car industry and other revelent information to all members who ask for it. Have a section especially for classic cars. Maybe link in with eBay and offer and auction facility.

    Income to be derived from the sale of extra services that can be bundled together, for example HPI checks, AA checks, car valuation, car recovery, car cleaning service, chip and dent removal, etc.
    PayPal, loans and other financial services could be offered and commission taken from the sales. Insurance, MOT’s and car collection offered. Once traffic has increased a front page sponsor could be found. Initially affiliate deals could be done until traffic it is worth while going direct. Maybe offer an escrow service. - Thoughts are that this would be a forum/blogging site with information for the spread betting beginner, and more in-depth information and news for the more experienced. The forum will have the top most asked questions, and we will get each of the spread betting companies to answer question and moderate chat in their section. Players will also be able to post there own stories, i.e. biggest win/lose. Most unusual bet, etc.

    We would provide reviews on all the main spread betting companies, listing their services, costs, terms and conditions, etc. We will also link straight to them with a percentage pay back affiliate deal. - This will be a site to show the designs of all young, new and established designers – mainly in the wallpaper covering industry but could include others.
    We will also display there details and links to their web-sites for a small fee. Or even build sub domain sites, again for a fee.
    We would list all of them in a data base, each member(designer) could upload their designs for anyone to see.
    Commercials – We would need place that order with a printing company (2 sourced – Lancaster, Mansfield), who do short run wall paper printing. We will also allow customers to upload any picture (quality permitting) onto the site to allow them to print them into large wall pictures and other decorative prints. Develop or buy software that allows pictures to be converted to rolls of wallpaper. – The obvious solution for Google would be to list every free and paid for car parking location in the UK. I would go further show location in all the favorite holiday destination around the world, as the name is a .biz.
    We could also have a blog/forum where customers can shout about where all the best deals are and where to find those, hard to find free parking spaces. This could be linked into Google maps which would then give you directions also.

    Commercials – Ad placement by all the major city centre, train, airport and port car park owners.
    We would allow online purchase of parking through various affiliate and direct deals. Offer upper class valet parking at various sites. Car hire in local resorts. Purchase of plane ticket. Access into the executive lounges. –Today in business and in other parts of life many people turn to a mentor for advice and guidance. But how do you know that the person who has been recommended to you is going to say the right things or have the right experience to help you? And what if the chemistry between you just doesn’t work?
    The aim of would be to take the hassle out of finding the right mentor for you. Quality will be at the heart of all that we do; we will aim to be the number 1 place to go to locate a mentor, be a mentor and develop your mentoring skills. The site would list all mentors in the UK, but each one will have to prove they either have qualifications or relevant experience before been allowed to publish on the site., - My thoughts are that this will be a rioja wine and region appreciation/travel website. It will list all the vineyards and show all the wines they produce along with wine tasting notes and a quality rating. There will be historical information about the region and a list of local attractions.
    There could be UK centric wine tasting evenings, holidays to the rioja region, vineyard visits, villa rentals, flights and other holiday related information.
    We could do fully serviced holidays including fully guided vineyard visits. There would be interesting information and snippets for each part of the trip, along with suggested visits for the travelers free time.
    There will be a shopping section to sell all types of rioja wine and wine related items we can have customer related reviews for ach wine along with price comparison and where to buy.
    Again relevant advertising could be sold. - Within the UK home tourist industry there are numerous and fragmented websites offering services from accommodation to attractions and from shopping to rail tickets. There will also be an events section.
    My thought is to have a graphical representation of the UK on the front page, where any region is clickable and this then takes one into that region where more detail is shown. I would predominately look to sell UK accommodation, attractions and travel. There will be information for all and major regions and resorts, with lots of useful information and links into local businesses.
    There will be a database of businesses with links to tourism, including hotels, restaurants, car-hire, resorts, etc. This will be a free listing but I will offer premium listings for a cost.
    The news section will be both RSS and consumer written. We will have a price comparison section and a booking engine and consumer review section written by our users.
    I will try and tie this site up with a real world related travel agent who will be able to do bespoke holidays. It will have a new letter that people can sign up to, which will also be a source of income.
    On the front page we can have a form fill section for those needing more info that we can then pass on to the relevant sector for a price or revenue share. Our “iPhone ap” will show all the UK events, where they are and how to get there. It will also show what hotel rooms are free within a given distance to your present location or at a location of your choice.,,,, etc - This would be a similar website to, with an emphasis on UK travelers to these countries. There will be more of an emphasis on how to get there and where to stay.
    It will also offer a full business directory to each country and will offer information on travel and how to do business there. And we will run an expat section giving living advice and a shop to buy british product that cannot be bought locally. - This would be more of a socially driven web-site. As the word says it will be about stopping things, both for oneself and to stop others.
    To help yourself
    • Stop smoking
    • Stop a habit – nail biting etc.
    • Stop drug abuse
    • Stop drinking
    • Stop over eating
    • Dealing with noisy neighbours
    • Stop domestic violence

    Help or stop others
    • Stop a planning application
    • Stop abortions
    • Stop child abuse
    • Stop litter

    It would list all the organizations that could help. It could be quite graphical is showing the effects of abortions, smoking, drug abuse etc. With images and articles it could make a powerful aid to stopping.
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  3. philiporchard United Kingdom

    philiporchard (17) Well-Known Member Trusted Trader

    May 2007
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    I've just mopped up a puddle of drool that seems to have appeared on my laptop... Stunning names - I hope you don't get too many time wasters filling up your inbox!
  4. davedevelopment United Kingdom

    davedevelopment (79) Well-Known Member Trusted Trader

    May 2009
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    @philiporchard My thoughts exactly, cracking names!

    @michaeltoth Best of luck with them, not sure you'll need a lot though!
  5. khalid United Kingdom

    khalid (18) Well-Known Member Trusted Trader

    Aug 2008
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    Once again Mr. T you failed to get in touch regarding your finance names.

    Stop posting your rubbish names on public forums and let's get cracking on your good ones.
  6. Ashton United Kingdom

    Ashton (26) Well-Known Member Trusted Trader

    Feb 2010
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    I have a hell of a lot on my plate at the moment, however I will happily partner with you in developing some of this gorgeous collection when I am done.

    Best of luck ;)

    Edit: Screw it, my current bits can wait, ill drop you a pm.
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  7. dougs United Kingdom

    dougs (33) Well-Known Member Exclusive Member Trusted Trader

    Jun 2005
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    Nice names

    Hi Michael nice names

    As you know we develop but my issue with jv likes this is that I know how much effort really goes into developing a site and to do it well it makes the cost of buying the name seem cheap. Hence we always prefer to buy them outright.

    If you want to sell some please send me a list with vague prices:):)

    All the best

  8. namealot United Kingdom

    namealot (6) Well-Known Member Known Trader

    May 2008
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    Tend to agree with doug some serious investment to get projects of those types working well..? Many would tend to try and purchase the domains as prices are normally much lower than development, marketing etc costs. Having said that there are some very good people twiddling there thumbs at the moment due to current climate so know could be a good time to look?.

    Have you ever thought of approaching any of the universities that run the “Multimedia marketing” and other degree related courses, students often develop progects as part of there courses I know you can get some very good work done? I know some people might think students lack experiance but many no much more than people who lean'nt the trade 10 years ago (you could choose at the end of the year..? ) the students would be keen (less jaded and cynical than those that have been in the business a while lol) Do a profit share with students/ universities, the students gain experience working on real projects , universities extra income, you get cracking sites everyone happy?

    Nice names BTW
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  9. michaeltoth United Kingdom

    michaeltoth (9) Active Member Known Trader

    Jan 2006
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    Thanks for that. I once looked into it a few years ago but it did not go any where, as there seemed to be a lot of red tape. If anyone has any numbers at any of the uni's i would appreciate them. especially if it is the number of the correct person to speak with.

    Thanks again


  10. AssetDomains United Kingdom

    AssetDomains (68) Well-Known Member Trusted Trader

    Feb 2010
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    You could try running your idea past these guys I think it would be right up there street as I'm guessing the projects could lead to proper employment with the right development.
    They could then make contacts with the relevant departments and hopefully cut down the red tape.
  11. max99x United Kingdom

    max99x (28) Well-Known Member Trusted Trader

    Apr 2006
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    Nice names, stupid amounts of potential for each domain, but rev split is a hard one, wouldnt be quite worth it for me at this time to work on them when ive got names i need to work on myself
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