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Scuba Gear -FOR SALE

Discussion in 'General Board' started by golddiggerguy, Dec 1, 2009.

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  1. golddiggerguy United Kingdom

    golddiggerguy Well-Known Member

    Apr 2007
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    Anyone into or wants to get into scuba diving?

    I have a full set minus the Mask for anyone who interested. It can be expensive to start out in Scuba so can be better to get good quality second hand gear.

    • Drysuit to fit size 8-10 feet and anyone around up or down in height to 5'10"
    • Air Cylinder
    • Weights
    • Fins
    • BCD
    • Gloves
    • Hood
    • Goody Bags
    • 1st stage scuba regulator and 2nd
    • Under suites x 2
    • Torches + more probs

    Basically everything you need to go diving.

    I will get it out take pictures and price it up if anyones defo interested. I will be selling in the next 3-4 months anyways but thought i'd offer it here fiirst.

    All of it is in exellent condition (BCD fair) and have only used for one season 10 dives MAX

    Reason for sale is not enough time to do it just lately and need the cash.


    GDG :cool:
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