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Discussion in 'Scripts and Coding' started by admin, Jun 14, 2008.

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    A list of HTTP search strings:

    g Google Search
    gl Google Lucky Search
    gp Google Phonebook Search
    gi Google Image Search
    gn Google News Search
    gg Google Groups Search
    gq Google Quote Search
    gw Google Wikipedia Search
    gm Google Microsoft Search
    w Google Wikipedia Lucky
    wq Google Wikiquote Search
    bbc BBC Search
    d OneLook Search
    dd Search
    t Search
    dm dmoz Search
    p PriceGrabber Search
    a Amazon Search
    by Search
    sf SourceForge Search
    sfp SourceForge Project
    bz Bugzilla Search
    bzf Bugzilla Firefox Search
    msdn MSDN Search
    ws Wikipedia Search
    ext FilExt Search
    reg Search
    past Wayback Machine Lookup*/http://%s
    anon Anonymizer
    imdb IMDB Search
    ipdb IPDB Search

    Add a domain name or keyword on the end of each string to see whats out there.
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