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SEDO - attention to detail please

Discussion in 'Sedo' started by archibel, Sep 27, 2013.

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  1. archibel United Kingdom

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    Dear SEDO - why is it every time I use your website I end up tearing my hair out?

    This time, I want to update my email contact address because Virgin removed all accounts from old customers with little warning.

    To update an email address on SEDO requires an authentication email sent to the OLD address. Come on SEDO, think about it...many people want to update their details because they don't have the old address any more.

    Why don't you do what ebay, Amazon, Paypal etc do and allow instant changes with a notification email sent to the old address along the lines of "Please Note - your SEDO email address has been changed".

    SEDO's solution to my situation is to allow a manual change if I send a scanned copy of my passport or driving licence - sorry SEDO I simply want to change my email contact address not open a bank account or buy a house.
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