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Discussion in 'Sedo' started by max_rk, Dec 6, 2010.

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  1. max_rk Lithuania

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    Recently I wrote about Sedo transfers team when they refused to send me payment because buyer has left domain on my tag. Now I thought I should report how things look now.

    As I buyer of domain I received this message:

    “Please notify me as to which registrar you will be using to transfer/administer the domain. This information is vital to the secure transfer of the domain.”

    I replied:

    “Please explain why "information is vital"?”

    Reply I got back:

    “We need to know the registrar or the TAG name that you will use to make sure that the transfer completes correctly.”

    It seems there has been some “head bashing” at Sedo since my first post. Agents asking for new tag to prevent same situation.

    Well that is not the solution I think. The “information is vital” is well exaggerated statement. It seems they do not have basic understanding of transfer process and distinction of registrar and registrant.

    Recently I spoke to on Sedo’s employee who told me that Sedo doesn’t have Operations Manual. Its seems that when they take on new staff, at first they sit him/her down, show few buttons on screen which can be clicked and off they go to transfer department.

    When they get there and they don’t know how to do something, very likely they can ask their supervisor for advice OR just IMPROVISE and in some cases just transfer the risk to domainers.

    There is no continuity in Sedo’s procedures. Sedo has paid a lot for its mistakes since its existence. It seems management not bothered or just can’t do anything about that. Maybe we should look at Sedo accounts for the reasons. I leave that for next time.

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  3. rob

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    Sadly the site they run them through is Ebay, rather than

    saying that, they may be crap with domains, but they are bloody awesome at nabbing a di + charles wedding mug for 10p
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