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Discussion in 'Sold Domains' started by olebean, Jan 25, 2006.

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    Nov 2005
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    Recent articale on DNJournal featuring David Bently may make some of your eyes water!

    In context this could mean:

    < $25 million dollars turnover
    3 domains = $1.65

    leaves $23.35 million for the rest great I here some of you say, not quite!

    On the average day sedo sell approx £37,000-00 worth of domains if they sell

    10 a day thats £3,700-00 and a 0.00033 reaching your domain
    20 a day thats £1,850-00 and a 0.00067 reaching your domain

    Of sales percentage assuming 20 domains a day's amount to 0.028 percent of volume

    Most of us know that sedo have had several more significant sales above the average shown (thanks to admin). 1 in 3 reported uk domain sales (via sedo) sold for 1,500 and over (69 domains) with a combined sales value of 370K with each domain averaging £5,360.

    In reality this means that your domains have no chance of selling (0.000019%) especially the's and if they do sell approx £500 quid average, but you may have to wait approx 100 years to sell it

    For legal reasons:

    This is not meant to reflect factual data, nor do I assume that all data has been provided. It does not represent or indicate sedo ( or and other group member) or any other domain resellers sales nor is its intent to present any domain reseller in bad faith in whole or in part or provide users with data to analyse future sales. I do not suggest this is professional advice, just the ramblings of an olebean!
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