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Showcase? Opportunity? Captive Audience?

Discussion in 'Business Discussions' started by golddiggerguy, Mar 24, 2009.

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    I have been thinking for a while that it would be a great idea to showcase some of if not all of the cream of domains people have on here and other forums.

    My idea is to hire a large room/area maybe on the top terrace of WTC Hull (World Trade Centre Hull) and have good solid batch of sellers in the domain market with generics etc. Possibly services offered too like SEO, etc

    Invite the Regions / UK's not so domain savvy marketing guy's from a bunch of companies. This would be possible through the WTC and Hull Bond Scheme I’m a member with who can Press release and email companies on our behalf (have more umf than me emailing invites out).

    This would give YOU an Opportunity to stand and talk domains rather than just typing about what you know! Maybe have break off into rooms for general discussions and get the importance across of how generics can help companies.

    A site could be put up for the event/s so to have a central link between event and attendee's so businesses are able to find and then buy from that 1 event.


    What do you all thinks? ( There will be food and drink ;) )

    Costs will be minimal compared to what is to be gained and around a £ few hundred each MAX to showcase depending on numbers willing. I'm sure some press will bite on and run a few stories too which can only be good!

    Throw discussion about on here .... but email me if you are definatly interested to get more updates once i dig a bit deeper.

    p.s. could turn into a Hull meet up!
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