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    All domains registered at GoDaddy and are only $35 Each

    Payment via PayPal - quick transfers - free push to GoDaddy account - the domains have a full year before they expire.

    First to post SOLD and the domain gets it. Posted on multiple boards, so claim the ones you want now while they are still available - will go by timestamp. Buyer to make payment within 24 hours. Many of these names have tremendous development potential and can also be flipped at a nice profit.
    Great domain for an SEO consultant, agency, how-to guide, blog, etc.
    Excellent name for a scrapbook site, memories/memorials site, weddings, etc.
    Perfect name for a forum or directory to let people post about funny dates they have been on. Could have a social networking side to it as well.
    Great name for a blog or site that focuses on companies, organizations and people that are innovators in their field.
    Excellent name for a service that offers audio comments for podcasts.
    Great domain for a blog or how-to guide on selling through forums (writing compelling titles and posts, sig file set-up, etc).
    Great domain for anything related to bulletin boards/forums (posting services, marketing, advertising, etc).
    Excellent name for a domain drop service, website, blog, software, how-to-guide, etc.
    Excellent name for a movie review site, movie listings or a content rich site for adsense/YPN.
    Brandable name for a company (agency, cosultancy, etc.) |
    Each of these pronounceable 5 character domains could be used for a cool web app - social network, search engine, video site, widget/addon/plugin, etc.
    Crowdsourcing is hot right now (development, design, ideas). This is a memorable and brandable domain for a forum, network, blog, etc.
    Perfect domain for a mobile videocast network or mobile content provider/service.
    Perfect name for an insider home listing service offering access to properties before they are listed publicly.
    Great name for a site to allow members to load in data (models, bands, actors, etc) and invite friends to match them up in a head-to-head competition to determine the winners (huge pageview generating idea - think and
    Great domain for an online video or TV related service. (tee-view or tee-voo)
    Pronouncable 5 character domain that could work well for an internet tv or
    mobile tv app.
    Great domain for a developers forum, directory or blog.
    Goodt domain for a social media optimization service (SMO), a buzz generating or tracking service, or any word of mouth related service.
    Brandable name for exotic wood ipod skins (think executives and CEO's), or unique covers for golf club woods (same execs and CEO's).
    Good name for a logo design company or freelancer.
    Slang term meaning jerry-rigged, shady or inefficient (over 9,000 results in Google).
    Excellent domain for a service that enables promotion of an offline company that does not have a website (phone #'s as the call to action).
    Excellent name for a palmtop blog, forum or news site.
    Great domain for a forum for top diggers.

    domain professionals network
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