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SMS / Mobile Payday affiliate scheme

Discussion in 'Affiliate Marketing' started by DuGary, Oct 31, 2012.

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  1. DuGary

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    Oct 2012
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    Hi, hope I’m positing this in the right place. Apologies if not, feel free to move.

    I run a mobile financial services site which is optimised for smartphones ( ) . I use PPC and sms to generate traffic predominantly in the Pay Day space but also in other verticals.

    The Pay Day channel is completely integrated to Easy Loans ping tree and because of our scale we receive 100% commission. I have now developed an sms and mobile affiliate scheme in order to offer affiliates a mobile option. As we all know an ever increasing number of searches, emails and site visits are conducted via mobile device and if you’re using an iframe to serve these requests it’s likely that you’re wasting traffic.

    I’m therefore looking for affiliates who wish to generate mobile traffic via ppc and sms (other media is fine providing you’re serving to mobile).

    I will pay 70% commission for affiliates using the channel.

    As an affiliate myself I recognise that we need to build trust and ensure the quality is good so I’m recommending that we start with small volumes so that we can build a relationship and therefore a long term working partnership.

    There’s no cost to sign up and we pay commission via paypal every 14 days.

    I’ve built a site which should explain everything but shout up if not. Visit for info and sign up. We provide you with a dedicated short link ( eg ) to use in sms and a unique inbound shortcode too.

    I see this as an additional channel for those currently in the space rather than replacing any existing relationships. I can provide browser detection scripts which will divert your mobile traffic to the mobile optimised site so that you can maximise your income whilst continuing your existing affiliate schemes for full browsers if you wish.
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