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Discussion in 'UK Websites For Sale' started by sjr06, May 29, 2012.

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  1. sjr06 United Kingdom

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    Jul 2011
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    Site: FreeInternetSecurity org uk

    I’ve had this site for a while and have made my money on it.

    2 sources of revenue, Adsense and affiliate commissions.

    Oct £90 – the ads went up at the end of October
    Nov £250
    Dec £322
    Jan £340
    Feb £310
    March £307
    April £120
    May £45 (so far)

    Affiliate commission – approx’ £250 over the 6 months. 3 sales this month through CJ £20 odd.

    Penguin dropped the site completely for 1 day and I took the opportunity to redo the site design completely (301's in place). Site came back to bottom of page 1 and now hovers around the first few on page 2 for the term Free Internet Security – which is an auto complete phrase for google once you get past ‘free ‘

    Traffic – went from 50 uniques per day to an average of 150. Knocked down to low teens at the moment.

    The site is at the lowest it can be at the moment I would say. A bit of new content and linking and this will get back to page 1 easily – IMO

    Why sell it now? – I’ve had my money from it and I am also looking to get rid of a chunk of sites that I own – no time for them.

    If it doesn’t sell then I will just change a bit of content around, add a few links in and let it bring in what it can.

    Looking for offers over £1,000 + VAT. That’s not a BIN. Will leave it for a week then remove.

    Any questions please ask away. This is a genuine sale and would have been for nearer £10,000 a month or so ago.

    Oh the site runs on WP and has a slightly modified Shopperpress theme installed. A license will be needed (about $50).

    There are also 3 other domains which will be included. Done nothing really with them. Assume no stats and earnings, although they do generate the odd click;
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