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Some cheap link building opportunities...

Discussion in 'Services Wanted' started by Frog, Jan 9, 2011.

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    Okay, as you may or may not know, we run a text link selling business. Normally we charge $15 per permanent blog post, and have each post written by hand by one of our native writers.

    I want to offer a limited batch of them where we will spin the content to be unique, and use that. Since I won't be paying my writers as much, I can pass on the great saving to you.

    All sites have unique content, either unique whois or private whois, and are on separate c-class IP's and so on.

    It'll take us a few hours to write the spinning input article, to do it properly and make sure the output from it reads well. Depending on how many you want, it'll then take us up to 24 hours to add them to the blogs manually.

    We can schedule the posts over whatever timeframe you like, I wouldn't recommend having 100+ posts all go live instantly. We can either back date or post date, whatever you prefer.

    So here is what we have:

    Fashion - 95 blogs - 6 x pr3, 17 x pr2, 13 x pr1.

    Finance - 300 blogs - 5 x pr4, 39 x pr3, 41 x pr2, 10 x pr1

    Gambling - 103 blogs - 7 x pr3, 11 x pr2, 17 x pr1

    Travel - 100 blogs - 1 x pr5, 4 x pr4, 10 x pr3, 3 x pr2, 9 x pr1

    We've link built to pretty much every blog we own, but with no proper pagerank update in 9+ months, the toolbar pagerank is sorely out of date - a very high percentage of our blogs that are pr0, should be mixed pr's like the ones listed above.

    None of the blogs are younger than 4 months, most are over a year old. Quickly checking the finance ones, of the 300, 59 are 18 months or older, 200 of them are 12+ months old, and none of them are < 8 months.

    So the prices I want to charge are:

    Finance 300 posts - $2000

    Finance 200 posts (random, split fairly across the pageranks) - $1400

    Finance 100 posts (done as above) - $750

    Fashion 95 posts - $710

    Fashion 95 + Shopping 30 (if your linking site is appropriate to both) - $930

    Gambling 103 posts - $900

    Travel 100 posts - $750

    Payment by Paypal only for these, or transfer to a UK bank account, at the appropriate £ rate from

    If you are a long term member here with an account in good standing, payment after delivery of the url list is fine. Otherwise, payment up front.

    Samples of the blogs available by PM - let me know which category interests you.

    Since we are spinning the content, we can vary the link anchors but the links need to be somewhat similar. For example I can do a batch linking to red shirts, blue shirts, green shirts, yellow trousers, black jackets with no problem. What I can't do is link to 5 star hotels in New York, and $10 a night hostels in Cambodia, even if they both come under travel (although we could of course do it on our regular $15/post hand written ones) - there is no way I can spin content that would be relevant to both at the same time. Its completely up to you how many anchors you want to use, and how many of each. 1 link per post.

    With any order I will also spin a couple of hundred extra articles if you like, and email them for you to use elsewhere for no further charge.

    I'm unsure how long we'll be offering this spinning content link service for, but first come, first serve. Turnaround time will depend how many people have already ordered, but to start with you can expect a 24hr turnaround. All posts are permanent.

    Any questions, you can let me know here or rampagejackson321 {at] gmail


    edit - to make spinning content cost effective, we need to do 100+ articles per order. Depending what your site is, it might be able to fit into multiple categories, ie fashion & shopping, finance & insurance, legal & insurance etc. So with that in mind, we have the following (number of them in brackets)

    • legal (20)
    • insurance (50)
    • webmaster/tech (40)
    • pharmacy (20)
    • health (50)
    • weddings (10)
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