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Some from yesterday with Google PR and backlinks

Discussion in 'Drop Lists' started by LumpyBumps, Aug 3, 2009.

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    Here's the top 20 domains that dropped yesterday found via that had Google pagerank (and some with backlinks) at the time they were due to renew (doesn't mean they have PR now but indicates what they might regain):

    embedded-software org uk (PR6 / 8 backlinks)
    nonsuchshop co uk (PR4 / 13 backlinks)
    bodington org uk (PR4 / 1 backlinks)
    minutecircle co uk (PR4 / 23 backlinks)
    naturalgourmet co uk (PR3 / 3 backlinks)
    streetbrand co uk (PR3 / 7 backlinks)
    bensonet co uk (PR3 / 0 backlinks)
    kisen co uk (PR3 / 0 backlinks)
    lostluggage org uk (PR3 / 3,759 backlinks)
    tonyhillsfiction co uk (PR3 / 129 backlinks)
    reiddean co uk (PR3 /2 backlinks)
    q-gallery co uk (PR2 / 2 backlinks)
    aberdoombmx co uk (PR2 / 93 backlinks)
    midland4stroke co uk (PR2 / 35 backlinks)
    sunsetflowers co uk (PR2 / 0 backlinks)
    deckshare co uk (PR2 / 14 backlinks)
    jigsaw7 co uk (PR2 / 11 backlinks)
    biznessplan co uk (PR2 / 41 backlinks)
    bruna co uk (PR1 / 5 backlinks)
    martek-systems co uk (PR1 / 5 backlinks)

    And here's the top 20 domains that dropped yesterday that had backlinks (and some had Google PR as well):

    lostluggage org uk (3,759 backlinks / PR3)
    cyber-check co uk (2,048 backlinks / PR0)
    basicskillsresources org uk (335 backlinks / PR0)
    sbs5 co uk (152 backlinks / PR0)
    tonyhillsfiction co uk (129 backlinks / PR 3
    scitechshop co uk (111 backlinks / PR0)
    value2you co uk (103 backlinks / PR0)
    aberdoombmx co uk (93 backlinks / PR2)
    ethnicmediagroup co uk (90 backlinks / PR0)
    southern-bcc co uk (87 backlinks / PR1)
    holycross-wilcot org uk (47 backlinks / PR1)
    biznessplan co uk (41 backlinks / PR2)
    thatstheoneforme co uk (40 backlinks / PR0)
    wlda co uk (37 backlinks / PR0)
    solomonsbistro co uk (35 backlinks / PR0)
    midland4stroke co uk (35 backlinks / PR2)
    minutecircle co uk (23 backlinks / PR4)
    shopicana co uk (22 backlinks / PR0)
    traphic co uk (16 backlinks / PR0)
    cyberjon co uk (16 backlinks / PR0)

    Over 300 domains dropped yesterday, here's a selection of some of them that I liked:

    247carsales co uk
    audiobuff co uk
    bestloanquote co uk
    classicvinyl co uk
    dietheaven co uk
    findmeahost co uk
    publicitystunts co uk
    seatcentre co uk
    wainwrightwalk co uk

    If anyone would like access to the full list which is sent out daily, please PM me.

    If you register any of these, send your donation to admin please.

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