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Discussion in 'UK Websites For Sale' started by domainseller200, Aug 25, 2009.

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    I am considering selling my premium domain with website (which also due to the nature of the domain, fits the extension very well)

    It is currently ranked number 14 on google, number 11 on bing and number 24 on yahoo for "stamp duty"

    It also ranks for stamp duty rates and other long tail searches too.

    It has 33,100 exact match searches a month according to google tool, but currently gets only a few hundred uv a month due to search engine positions.

    It also gets emails requesting more info on stamp duty and sometimes lending / borrowing money etc. It also sometimes estate agents contact the site too. It has also had offers of buying links on the site in the past.

    It has aged site on it, and if a little TLC was done, it could easily rank alot better and increase traffic ten fold or even more.

    It could also be monetised by offering mortgages / secured loans etc as someone who is looking for stamp duty information will obviously looking to buy a house or move to a new house etc

    Looking for sensible offers for this, as this could provide a very good opportunty for someone in more ways than one.

    May consider swapping for a decent domain name as opposed to cash :)
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