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Still no answer about Nomensa summary?

Discussion in '.UK Domain Name Consultations' started by Stephen, Oct 10, 2013.

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    Nominet will not respond to requests whether they will be providing a Nomensa summary when they publish the Nominet summary on the .uk consultation in November.

    I thought I would just check again the Nominet summary for bias to see if an independent report is really required.

    This is an early extract from the Nominet summary V1;

    So in 2 paragraphs those against .uk which were a 'small minority', moved to be equal to a group which was a 'significant proportion'.

    You can decide if an independent summary report is required. Note with Nomensa report inn V1 they did not have access to feedback from any meetings held.

    The Nominet V1 .uk summary can be found at
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