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Sucker Buys Ebay Laptop For £5,000

Discussion in 'General Board' started by SF, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. SF

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    Ebay might the home of bargains but it’s also home to a special breed of idiot. One of the golden rules of taking part in online auctions is: never bid while drunk. Well, someone must have been rightly rat-arsed to pay £5,100 for a second-hand Sony laptop. The auction seemed legit – nothing fancy on offer, no special offers just this sales message:

    “You are bidding on an EXCELLENT CONDITION Sony VGN-FJ270/B notebook. Had this notebook for less than 4 months. Got it brand new for Christmas and had limited use. Everything is still in like brand new condition”

    Well, at least one half of this sales transaction will be very happy while the other is, no doubt, nursing the hangover from hell and wondering why his credit card is being refused. Ebay has removed the listing since.-Martin Lynch

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    There are tons of instances like that on there.

    A few people have been raided recently for being involved in money laundering.

    They get paid say 5k for a £500 laptop, they keep 2500 and send the other 2500 to the buyer, who obviously paid for it by suspect means.

    And theres me not able to get 0.99p for a two digit :) symbol for ozone, thought I would at least get thirty bob.
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