Domain Manage and more on Bido today. Bruce Marler is our special guest.

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    0 starting at 1:00PM EST(Bruce Marler Chat Interview for ~1 hour) starting at 1:02PM EST starting at 1:05PM EST starting at 1:10PM EST starting at 1:13PM EST starting at 1:25PM EST starting at 1:43PM EST starting at 1:45PM EST starting at 2:00PM EST starting at 2:03PM EST starting at 3:00PM EST

    all on Bido today.

    Bruce Marler of is our guest today, he will be in our chat room for ~1 hour.

    Bruce Marler has been doing business in or around the Internet since 1996. As one of the first operations engineers working on ATTs Internet backbone and VoIP services he has always been around the web in some fashion for 13 years. Previously Bruce has held corporate management and sales positions and company focused on telecommunications and mobile applications but has always been connected to the online market and domain world in some fashion.

    Recently he made the leap from part time domainer and online marketing to fulltime. Along with his business partner he launched Localtek, LLC and the community portal where he is now focused on bringing businesses throughout Missouri online and providing online marketing packages to them using his knowledge of domaining and online marketing. In the very near future Bruce will be deploying the platform and business model on the other 23 .ME state names in his network.,, are RESERVE auctions, and the rest are NO RESERVE auctions, bidding starts at $1, so join in right now. Auctions start at listed times and run for ~1 hour(barring extensions).

    Hope to see you at the auctions.
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