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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Tactics, Oct 29, 2009.

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    Hey Domainers!

    Just a quick hello as been watching the site for a while. Got my main domain ( back in 2004 via a dropcatching service - should have kept on buying then I guess but family life and business led me down other paths! Always been interested in the domain trade and having been beating to the drop a few times in the last few months I re-researched the market and am currently in the mix of drops using a hosted dropcatcher (

    Still trying to get my head into what makes a good domain to trade and therefore catch as opposed to what I think it a good name! Missed some really good ones by just not thinking clearly enough...

    I guess tactics is my best domain and one that I think I will always keep for business use and not interested in selling until the time comes to retire! I have had some real turkeys over the years too, worst one was probably - the typo was not made on purpose but over-excitement blinded me to it. Was at the time when domains were being treated as a subdomain by Google and you could get a new site ranking by Google in a matter of days. I had self cert mortgage top spot within 3 days using that hack but it was only a month or so until the door was closed on that one. At £25 per year that typo cost me £50 over two years! I always put domains into Word now to double check spellings before buying :mrgreen:

    Enough about me! Look forward to contributing where I can and hope to be bagging some good domains as a drop catcher and through general trade in the future.


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