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Three unsolicited enquiries today

Discussion in 'Business Discussions' started by Bailey, Jan 12, 2011.

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    Now I just need to sell one or two. Absolutely no bites for about 6 weeks, then 3 in one day - lets hope it's the start of the post christmas rush.

    I have a bad habit of living hand to mouth, sometimes with very expensive tastes when times are good. but I do rely on the odd sale to tick over (one or two a month is nice) Well about last October I counted too many chickens before they hatched nothing materialised for a about the last 8 weeks. My friends think I've given up drinking - and my stomach thinks I've given up eating (only joking - only just).

    And today I actually got pro-active and sent out a couple of nicely worded emails followed up with some nice polite phone calls - encouraging conversations but only interest at the moment. Take the word (the) off of one the current banner adverts at the bottom of Acorn today and you'll know one of them - (please, please don't quote it in this or any thread - they also use the same wording .com to redirect to their main site).

    Then low and behold three enquiries on top of the activity work - must be some good karma in the making, me hopes.

    added - I do predate any TM's by several years
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