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Discussion in 'Domain Name Offers Invited' started by disruptive, May 23, 2012.

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    It's been one of those domains I have had in my stable for a long time that I've not gotten around to developing. This was a bit of a phenomena. I'm kidding myself that I'm going to develop this. It's 6 years old now, this domain and I'm looking for a good offer to take it off my hands. Here is something on toothing:

    "Toothing was originally a hoax claim that Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones or PDAs were being used to arrange random sexual encounters, perpetrated as a prank on the media who reported it.[1] The hoax was created by Ste Curran, then Editor at Large at the gaming magazine Edge, and ex-journalist Simon Byron. They based it on the two concepts dogging and bluejacking that were popular at the time. The creators started a forum in March 2004 where they wrote fake news articles about toothing with other members and then sent them off to well-known Internet-based news services. The point of the hoax was to "highlight how journalists are happy to believe something is true without necessarily checking the facts". Dozens of news organizations, including BBC News, Wired News, and The Independent thought the toothing story was real and printed it. On April 4, 2005, Curran and Byron admitted that the whole thing was a hoax. There have, however, been real Bluetooth dating devices to hit the market since."

    Starting with offer @ £150.

    Please post new offer price and let me know by PM. Thanks.

    Thanks. Here are the valuate figures $1,400 456,000 2,976 0 high $0.47 All Taken
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