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Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by topdomain, Aug 6, 2006.

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  1. topdomain

    topdomain Guest

    Buy these >>> 5% of any sale of my domain is reserved for charity to third world . = read as mobiles .com .. Very rare Highly appraised domain ..
    Sale Price: £49
    Traffic/ Stats:200-1000/ permonth - links, typeins, searches = rex is latin word for king so it means king of all mobile trade/ business. Remember rex is owned by intel corporation
    Sale Price:£19
    Traffic/ Stats: 75 - 550 hits/ permonth = pc stands for pesonal computer, private chat, porn collection, parental control etc
    Sale Price: £99 or make an offer
    Traffic/ Stats: 150 - 750 hits/permonth = the only clone to ,, very unique thats why good hits per day/ month
    Sale Price: £59
    Traffic/ Stats: 200 - 1400 hits/permonth = microsoft windows vista encycolpedia ..
    Sale Price: £9 = read as sex.orgasm Highly appraised sex domain
    sale Price: £19
    Traffic/Stat: 220-1300/permonth (links, direct typeins etc) = mycokemusic is official Coca Cola, usa brand and both mycokemusic.ccom and .org are owned by coca cola
    sale price:£19
    Traffic/Stats: 100- 1200/permonth due to coca cola brand advertising phone sex .com
    sale Price: £20
    Traffic/Stat: 300-900/ permonth (links, typeins) = up and always on and running wifi
    sale price: £10
    Traffic/Stats: 300/permonth (links, etc) .. growing use of wifi makes it = Football Star David Beckhams full official title name ..
    sale price: £59
    Traffic Stat: 2000-2500/ per month when worldcup was on, now 400-1500/permoth = read as thats credit .com and also as internet explorer
    sale price:£9
    Traffic/ Stat: 50-650/permonth

    PM me for any interests or offers and i will give you a good deal and also give you FREE dot com domains as well
    So dont hesitate and just pm me ,, thanks .. i am here to help you
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  3. disruptive

    disruptive Well-Known Member

    Jun 2006
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    love those appraisal prices. It just shows u how much those appraisals were worth. I hope you did'nt pay for them?
  4. retired_member11

    retired_member11 Retired Member

    Mar 2005
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  5. topdomain

    topdomain Guest

    thanks for your reply , if you are interested in any domain please let me know what you can pay and i can sell you at that price,, thanks please pm me
  6. aquanuke

    aquanuke Well-Known Member

    May 2005
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    You spelt the Beckham one wrong.
  7. topdomain

    topdomain Guest

    beckham has been spelled right now,, r u interested in domain,, i can lower any price to meet the buyers price so please pm me and ask me ,, i am here for you to give you the best deal so ask me ????
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