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    A small but thriving British auction community site, with an appealing and user friendly design and layout and a wide range of popular features.

    Authority Site

    Totalbids is considered an authority site by Google. It is widely considered by many observers that the Google algorithm places great importance on authority site status and occasionally, on certain keywords, Google will move a site to #1 and add special additional listings for the site. A search for ‘Online Auction’ on will show Totalbids ranked number 1 out of about 45,000,000 listings, above competitors such as QXL and ebay, and with a special index of site-categories below the listing.

    It is merely unfortunate that our other pressing projects have prevented us from capitalising on this, which is the reason for sale.

    What you get

    A fully functioning turn-key auction business
    All code, primary written in php and based on PHPProbids successful auction tools
    All site graphics, themes and style sheets
    Ownership of the Totalbids name and logo
    The domain
    The domain (purchased to allow international expansion)
    A fully featured and user friendly back-end admin system
    All site text, FAQs and supporting documents (which are very easy to edit to your requirements via the Admin system)

    Vital Statistics

    Totalbids has been operating as an auction site since registered in 2003
    Alexa traffic rank 250,000 in the world, rank 11,000 in the UK
    40,000 unique users (visitors) per month (42,134 May 11th to June 11th)
    31,600 pages listed on Google
    Page Rank 4
    7,038 Registered users
    Thousands of Auctions live at any time
    7,377 auctions open at time of advertisement
    198 Seller Shops (Merchants that list job-lots of items)


    Feature rich user experience similar to site such as Ebay
    User ratings
    Internal messaging systems
    Image uploading facilities
    Auto-relist facilities for unsold items


    An automated charging system allowing pricing for various transactions has been completed ready for use.

    The site has been allowing listings free of charge to date, with notification that free listings may be changed to paid after July 2007. There is no obligation to charge members, as selling bidnapper software, sale of links or cross-promotion of other auction sites, sale of advertising or publishing tools are all viable models that we have simply not had time available to implement.

    The system can be easily configured to accept payments from users via PayPal, 2 Checkout, World Pay, Nochex, Ikobo or ProTx.

    A feed from Ebay called 'Featured Auctions' fills in any sections of the site that have few items listed. This was recently implemented as a test and makes a work free £150 monthly profit. This is just a test, with optimisation and targeting this could easily be increased.

    To date the site has been kept family friendly and adult-product free.

    Search Statistics
    According to
    Total Backlinks: 334
    From Domains: 290
    From different IPs: 255
    Google Indexed Links 28 Google Indexed websites 31500
    Yahoo Indexed Links 643 Yahoo Indexed websites 2788

    Server Requirements
    Apache Web Server
    PHP 4
    1 MySQL Database - MySQL 4.0.22/4.1
    The auction software requires of 10MB Web-Space. Hosting user auctions and photographs will require additional webspace.
    The auction system requires the creation of a Cron Job which keeps the site up to date and refreshed.

    Asking Price: We are looking for offers from £12,000 (approximately US$23,500)

    For £600 (approximately US$1,000) we will also set it up and configure the system on your behalf (including up to 3 days of technical support via phone, IM and messenger)

    Questions and Comments - Please direct these to teresha @
    I have posted this ad on several forums and other places and may not be able to attend to your question in a timely manner if it is posted/pm'ed via this forum. Emails guarantee a faster response.

    Thank you.
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