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    i love registars,they are so honest lovely people

    Please wait for a site operator to respond.

    You are now chatting with 'Kevin'

    Kevin: Hello. How may I assist you?

    mark neal: hi there,i would like to open a business account and move the domains from my personal account to my business account,is this possible and how much to transfer?

    Kevin: are you planning on building a website?

    mark neal: no i am a domainer

    Kevin: ok we do not have a business paccount apart from a business web hosting package

    mark neal: but i can transfer the domains from one account to the other?

    mark neal: free

    Kevin: yes

    mark neal: what about when i sell the domains?

    mark neal: hello

    Kevin: then you just transfer the ownership to the new owner

    mark neal: how much to transfer away,is it free

    mark neal: i will post this on acorn to let all domainers know

    Kevin: to transfer away it will be £12.99 + vat

    mark neal: it only cost £6 to buy the domain? i take it domainers don't use your services or they move them for free from there nom account

    Kevin: if the domain name has been with us for 2 years then it is free

    mark neal: no good if you would like to flip them quick then

    Chat session has ended.(abrupt end from good old kevin)
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