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Discussion in 'UK Websites For Sale' started by nikkilee, Mar 1, 2012.

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  1. nikkilee

    nikkilee (1) Active Member New Trader

    Feb 2012
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    Opportunity to be given 50% of potential multi million pound business
    I used to own an online electronics business I started it in 2002 and sold out in 2009. The T/0 when I sold was circa 1.4 million pa
    During the time I owned the site I spent £380,000 on Google adwords, or Google tax as I call it.

    I knew lots of other UK online businesses that spent similar sums. The Google tail certainly wags the online shops dog.

    I decided to build a site that gave all UK online businesses a chance to advertise far more cost effectively. Enter (originally lived at
    We spent nearly £250,000 developing the site, added nearly 6,000 UK online shops, built an amazing toolset for the shops to use and a full admim system for us. We added a classified advertising section and a property section along the lines of

    There is also an amazing "quote me" system and a business directory (currently hidden)

    Basic shop listings are free, nearly 1000 shops have "claimed" their shops, they can upgrade to use the full tool set. See these links (upgraded shop) (upgraded shop) Free listing

    Link to artice in The Independant

    Having just about finished the site we spotted Groupon in the USA in June 2009 and thought that this would be big in the UK too. So we built and launched the first UK group buying site. Wowcher grew fast and we switched all energy to it. In March last year I sold out to DMGT (The Daily Mail Group)

    Since then we have been working on 2 new ventures and are fully committed. The first goes live in about 3 weeks

    So the reason for the mail.
    I am looking for somebody to partner with to take over the responsibility of making Hotshop work. I am willing to give 50% of the business to somebody that can commit to developing the site and making it pay. I would require a down payment of £20,000 to force a commitment to making it work. We can help with programming issues as time permits.
    We set the annual shop upgrade fee at £400 so as you can imagine the potential rev is huge. We have also listed about 400 affiliate shops and nearly 3 million affiliate products via the search.

    If this interest you and you feel you have the skill set to take this on please come back to me.

    Nick Brummitt
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  3. tafuta

    tafuta (23) Active Member Trusted Trader

    Apr 2011
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    Amazing work on wowcher. But this project, how is different to any other directory site? What's the usp? Realistically a proper chat needs to be had about the end game.
  4. max_rk Lithuania

    max_rk (8) Active Member Known Trader

    Apr 2006
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    Well done with first business. £250k on just another directory sounds a lot. Pages even loot distorted in Firefox. For that money you should have gone for up market look. Even logo looks on cheap side.

    It would be hard to pinch visitors from comparison, voucher and cash back site let alone Google.
    If it was my call I would rather buy Google shares.
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