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Discussion in 'UK Websites For Sale' started by dashu1, Jul 4, 2010.

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  1. dashu1 United Kingdom

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    Nov 2008
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    I'm looking to whittle down the vast number of domains that I have. Depending on how these do I might list some more, please pm offers or post in thread.

    (also got some .coms listed in appropriate section).


    Page 1 of Google, should have a lot of potential to an end user, got 661 visitors last month.
    Makes money from adsense, but adsense earnings are tied in with - together they've earned £2200 in the last 12 months, they're up to about £240 per month now, so heading towards £3K per year.

    Obviously they could earn a lot more buying and selling gold coins, I'm open to (sensible) offers on this one.

    BIN now: £1500 offers over £1K

    Very high on page 1 of google, got 7550 visitors last month, can do 9000 some months.
    Has done £535 on adsense in last 12 months, plus some sales of a silver hallmark guide I wrote at £3.99 (this is included).
    Looking for £575 on this one. (was £750)

    Now on page 1 of google, got 444 visitors last month.
    A bit of adsense but has only recently hit page 1, should be good for an end user.
    Looking for £400 o.n.o (was £500 ono)
    Don't have analytics installed on this, so can't give an idea of traffic.
    Could be a very nice site with some work, great for affiliate sales!
    Looking for £350 for this (was £500)
    Again no analytics installed, and no earnings since it's purpose was to recruit sales people for another project that I never got going properly.
    Could be a good site though in a very profitable niche.
    I'd be looking for around £150 for this (was £300).
    Hardly getting any visitors even though it's on page 1 of google for champagnes, but has made commission for sales of champage in the past.
    Really needs some proper work doing on it, reviews, news, etc.
    I put a lot of work into this one, looking for £300+ (was £500+)
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