Domain Manage on Bido today. No reserve, $1 to start

Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by MediaHound, Apr 7, 2009.

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    Today on Bido is - Bid on Bido - v1.2544

    This is a NO RESERVE auction, bidding starts at $1, so join in right now.

    You're cordially invited to join Targeted Traffic's Howard Neu at
    today's live domain auction in the - Bid on Bido - v1.2544 chatroom at 1 PM Eastern.
    Targeted Traffic Tuesdays at Bido starts today and runs through April 21,

    Join us in an open chat to discuss the domain industry; previous TRAFFIC
    events and successes over the years, and what to expect from Traffic West
    this year with one of the guys that helps make it all happen, Howard Neu. To
    join us, please visit - Bid on Bido - v1.2544 and log into your account (or create an
    account if you don't yet have one at - Bid on Bido - v1.2544 ) by
    1PM Eastern. We'll be there for the entire duration of the 1 hour auction.
    Once you log in, click the Chat tab and join us for the session.

    We hope you'll join us for this special event. We're happy to be working
    together with Targeted Traffic. We'll be there at 1PM Eastern and look
    forward to seeing you at the event.

    Upcoming Targeted Traffic Tuesdays' Guest Experts include:

    April 14th- Rick Schwartz- "The Domain King" Live Video Streaming Chat

    April 21st- Ray Neu- Marketing Director of Targeted Traffic and

    Join in on the fun at - Bid on Bido - v1.2544 every Tuesday in April leading up
    to Targeted Traffic.

    Hope to see you at the auction. - Bid on Bido - v1.2544
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