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Views on domain development?

Discussion in 'New Domainers' started by Grant, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. Grant United States

    Grant Active Member

    Feb 2011
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    Sorry for all the questions of late, I appreciate the responses.

    So I have a few domains, slowly picking better ones etc. Some I'll sell off, some I was thinking of developing.

    It's not really a problem to develop, but it takes time and a bit of money. Luckily, I write content full time, so I don't have to fork out for that :D, but I pay a designer.

    My main question is; if looking long term for a decent sale price, would you develop or leave as is?

    There are certain domains (especially one word ones) that could be attached to a range of niches. So SEO value and content related to one niche, might not suit the buyer. Are they going to be put off, as this is a "site" not a "domain"?

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. Murray United Kingdom

    Murray Well-Known Member

    Sep 2012
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    Personally if I choose to develop then my end goal is not to sell but to make it a profitable site, so I don't worry about your last question.

    Developing sites and making money isn't easy, I would only develop those you're passionate about and have a strong interest in.

    If you don't have a real drive to make a site succeed then don't bother starting.

    If you don't have an intelligent business plan of how you're going to make a site profitable, don't bother starting.
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