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_co_uk VinylModz - vinyl wrap sales / supply

Discussion in 'UK Websites For Sale' started by srccode, May 11, 2013.

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  1. srccode

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    Jul 2012
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    Advertised this site on here a while ago but no takers so instead of listing a set price I'm willing to take offers.

    includes .com and, twitter account with around 100 followers, SSL cert, content etc.

    ranks well for some niche associated terms, the end user really needs to decide what route to go down because there are a few opportunities here. 1) is either carry on as a supplier, sell in bulk but buy in and hold physical stock (currently dropships). Rolls sell for around £300 for 30 metres.
    2) sell in smaller amounts, I know an ebay member who does this, they're getting 3 to 4k sales per month but they don't have a website that ranks on page one for "vinyl wrap"! :)
    3) stop selling vinyl and start a car wrapping business. All three have great potential to make a lot of money. A vinyl wrapping car business will charge more than your typical sprayer would, it's anything from £1000 to £2000 per car minus the cost of vinyl. The vinyl is removable and doesn't leave any mess or damage the paint whatsoever which is one of the reasons people love it and a great selling point.

    Since starting the site my priorities have shifted on to other things, that's the reason I'm selling.

    pm me for stats / screen shots

    If you're interested, make an offer

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