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VoIP from across the pond

Discussion in 'General Board' started by golddiggerguy, Feb 2, 2009.

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  1. golddiggerguy United Kingdom

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    Just a quick post to let people know about how VoIP can be great!! Especially when you help a mate out.

    I resell VoIP and set clients up from a xlite softphone on a single laptop to offices with 50 staff.

    Recently I had a friend of mine who works in the south of France and round abouts on a Yacht asking what i'm up to. I mentioned Websites, doimains and VoIP.

    Blaaa Blaa........... she mentioned she was off to Seattle at the weekend (one just gone) and would it work for her on her laptop? "Why hell it will I said!"

    Set Xlite up on her lap top created an extra user on my unlimited International account for her BIFF BAFF BOFF Free calls from the US to her French, Dutch and English friends landline numbers. Cool or what.

    This would normally cost her £100's with her trip to the states.

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