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Voucher Code Website for sale, Huge Potential

Discussion in 'UK Websites For Sale' started by AuthorityDomain, Oct 21, 2011.

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    Feb 2011
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    I am selling off my Voucher Codes website -

    What you get:
    • PR3 Website and Domain name (gets 3600 local exacts, 60500 broad)
    RSS Feed for each category page, so you can feed twitter from all merchants codes/offers[/LIST]
    • Several PR2 merchant pages
    • Facebook Page with 61 real followers
    • Twitter Account @voucherscodesuk with 117 followers, auto tweeting of codes/offers
    • RSS Feed for each category page, so you can feed twitter from all merchants codes/offers
    • 40 unique merchant descriptions
    • 31 unique blog posts
    • Transfer of website, merchant database, import scripts, & installation to get it running on your new hosting. (Can leave on existing hosting for 3-6 months)
    • Built on Wordpress with Custom plugin for managing merchant admin - easy to add new merchants and suspend etc
    • Merchant Database with admin in wordpress dashboard
    • Integrated with Icodes webservices and fully automatic, updated every hour using cron and custom scripts
    • Site has its own webservices so can feed this site and other sites without having to pull the data down twice. This is better on performance as we simply need to ask icodes for the latest codes/offers.
      Then we can import the codes from our own webservices meaning we don't need to make as many calls to icodes.
    • The codes and offers go into wordpress posts and are automatically assigned the category and tags
    • SEO is dynamically generated for each category and tag pages but can be manually overridden too
    • Redirect scripts for masking outbound links
    • Can control admin from frontend too if need to change expired date of codes/offers, can provide screenshots to show you
    • Custom newsletter admin in wordpress dashboard, updated in database so can easily be exported out for mass mailing
    • Price comparison using Easy Content Units, It will display the unit on the post page and also the best price in the sidebar.
    • Most Popular page to showcase the most viewed offers/codes
    • Money saving blog, with auto thumbnail generation
    • 30 days support & any other support ongoing at an agreeable extra cost per hour.

    Why am I selling:
    I need to raise funds to invest into another project.

    Income and Revenue:
    Very little income and traffic for last 6-9 months due to the site not ranking. Still makes the odd sale from twitter/facebook traffic.
    I don't spend hardly any time on the site, which is why its not doing so well in the traffic/earnings. I've not focussed on pushing it as had other projects that took priority.

    Whats needed to move this forward:
    In my opinion, you will need to invest in unique merchant descriptions, and get some quality links to build up the rank for this to get back on track.

    I have other ideas to improve the site performance that I will give out to those serious potential buyers.

    The site itself doesn't take much time to manage, only when adding new merchants to the database, then as soon as you set them live in the database and within icodes, any offers or codes will get imported on the next scheduled import.

    Guide Price:
    Looking for offers in the ££££ range.

    I have turned down ££££ offers in the past 4 months from 4 different people and get quite a bit of interest in the site.
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