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Wanted - Sites Making Around £5 p/m

Discussion in 'Website Wanted' started by GingerApple, Aug 17, 2008.

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  1. GingerApple

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    Jun 2008
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    I'm looking for a few websites that are making around £5 per month in revenue. I'm looking for this to be a consistent earning for the last 3 months+ with proof please :) I would also like to see stats on traffic volume. The website would ideally be low maintenance, with traffic flowing with little or no promotion.

    Decent domain name would help, but not essential if traffic is flowing and revenue is being earned. Would prefer .com .org .net.

    What im not looking for:
    -Anything thats high maintence/blogs that I would have to write huge articles for
    -Anything that may be considered offensive or 'dodgy' to anyone, i.e adult, gambling, proxy, warez.
    -Anything that uses a lot of server space i.e games arcades.
    -Nothing with any complex scripts that I would have to learn how to use (HTML, simple JavaScript and PHP I can deal with... but beyond that... :???: )

    This is your chance to get rid of those websites that aren't making enough money for you ;)

    Contact me how you like, post, PM, e-mail, I don't bite... usually... :) Just include link to site, proof of traffic/earnings and an asking price.

    Thanks for looking,
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