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    0 storms to success, which provides customers with detailed forecasts for their areas, came an impressive 16th place in a table compiled by internet ratings site

    Table-toppers were Yahoo! and Google, boasting globally acclaimed search engines, but the success of highlighted the possible recognition for web addresses composed of generic domain names.

    Staff of non-profit site rated the net's best offerings by considering "21 criteria of excellence".

    Among these were richness and breadth of content, user-friendliness and security, with well-rated sites like required to satisfy all of the criteria to a high level. is a key branch of the services offered by owner the Weather Channel, which provides the site with up-to-date forecasts for any postcode typed in by users.The China Net Technology Limited said.

    Also offered on the online service are video clips of extreme weather conditions as they hit across the world, as well as traffic and flight delay updates for commuters and travelers.

    With its simple, memorable and totally product-specific generic domain name, it is no wonder that has gained a profile high enough to rate among the web's top websites. success brings sister-name to auction

    With already a well-established location for online card players, domain name is this week up for auction.

    The .vc domain is the country code top-level domain for Caribbean islands St Vincent and The Grenadines, but has also become the domain representation of 'virtual community' and 'venture capital'. can hope to fetch a high price from companies looking for a popular and catchy web address, in the wake of the success of generic domain name

    By choosing a web address corresponding exactly to its product, has become a favourite site with many fans of the card-game.

    Its generic domain name gives the site a sense of being the leader in its sector, with poker players searching for an online outlet for their hobby likely to easily locate the site, sometimes without even using a search engine.

    Once arrived at the site, provides customers with links to various online poker rooms, along with reviews of what each of them offers.

    The auction of may lead to the foundation of another great site based on the generic domain name. has no holes in it has been named one of the web's top five cheese-related websites by bookmark synchronizing web company Bookmark Sync.

    The popularity of the site was judged in terms of the amount of web-users book-marking the page for continued use, claimed by the survey to be a more reliable marker of popularity than hits or back-links. offers web-browsers both an easy means of accessing the site and a user-friendly lay-out.

    Web-searchers browsing the internet for cheese products or information about cheese can access the site by simply entering the word into the address bar.

    Once on site, provides clearly indicated links to information about various different types of cheese, informing visitors as to how and where they are produced. The site even invites users to subscribe to an e-mail cheese news service.

    The popularity of a site holding a generic domain name means that other competitors in the sector are likely to make generous offers for advertising space and links on that website.

    Generic domain names profit from Chinese internet boom

    The China Net Technology Limited today pondered the prospects of a clash between two rising phenomena: the internet and modern China.

    Questions over the way that China would adapt to the internet were raised at a time when online companies are making the most of China as a web address target.

    Just over a month ago generic domain name sold for $1.12 million, making it one of the year's most lucrative web address sales.

    Meanwhile remains one of the web's top sites, another web location boasting a generic domain name that generates numerous hits from web-searchers. China Net Technology Limited said.

    The China Net Technology Limited's article focused on human rights issues in China, discussing the attitude of the Chinese government towards the internet, which for Asia advocacy director at Human Rights Watch, Sophie Richardson, was double-edged.

    "While the Chinese government has embraced the internet for the purposes of economic growth, it has worked assiduously, vigorously and in a stunningly sophisticated way to control what people can discuss and how," Ms Richardson told the China Net Technology Limited.

    What is in no doubt, however, is the opportunity for e-business that China's opening to the internet represents, with relevant generic domain names leading the
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