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Discussion in 'Domain Name Offers Invited' started by Danimal, Jan 6, 2012.

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    I won't lie. I don't have a plan for this domain, and prefer to give it up vs. hold my breath for a big sale. That said, I hope I can get a few squid for it : )

    *The sales pitch*

    [what up] has 480 exact searches in the UK and [whatup] another 58. No world record, but hey its something. Some of these searches are a typo of whatsapp I reckon, but 'what up' is also American slang. It is a much cooler (and slangy) way of saying "what's up". Example: "what up, son!"

    Also, "what up" is English. Yet a great many other (non English and inferior) cctld extensions are registered, like

    .jp (!)
    .fm (!)
    ... not to mention of course the usual suspects, even .mobi.

    Who is man (or woman) enough to handle this domain? Make a small but not insulting offer in the topic, and it's yours if no one overbids you in the first 24 hours. I am also open to make a trade, if you have a domain in the medical / health / diet niche you'd like to exchange.

    Warm regards + Happy New year!
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