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Wheres the line at keyword stuffing?

Discussion in 'SEO Search Engine Optimisation' started by woopwoop, Dec 27, 2009.

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  1. woopwoop United States

    woopwoop Well-Known Member

    Jan 2007
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    Is it good practice or keyword stuffing to try and get the main keywords in as often as possible?

    For example, a geo forum you might want to stress the geo name often. But would you want to name each of the forums:

    geo name general chat
    geo name for sale
    geo name accommodation
    geo name jobs

    in which case your breadcrumb would look like:

    Birmingham Forums > Birmingham Classifieds > Birmingham Accommodation

    This will probably put the geo name in page titles and in H1 tags etc depending on the forum software...

    Is this overdoing it though? If the forum is just starting there will be no other content - just these headers and forum names?

    Would a breacdcrumb trail like the following be better:

    Birmingham Forums > Classifieds > Accommodation

    or am I missing out on a good opportunity to get people searching for "birmingham accommodation" by not listing ... > ... > Birmingham Accommodation ?

    Many thanks for any help - this is a big project and so am trying to get it right at the start...
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  3. loredan United Kingdom

    loredan Active Member

    May 2006
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    Keyword density is a tricky thing. There is no absolute figure for choosing the right keyword density. Some people would recommend the following:

    Title : 30% - 50%
    Meta Description : 12% - 17%
    Page Content - 3.5% - 9%

    ...some other people believe that Kw density it's just a myth...

    I'd say prepare your forum for people rather than for search engines and the search engines will follow...

    Both breadcrumbs above are's just that the first example it's a bit more targeted (both for users and SE's)

    From the two above I'd choose the second one (for Kw dilution reasons). Your sub-forums titles would look like "Classifieds|Birmingham Forums" or "Accommodation|Birmingham Forums" so you still have the city name in the titles.

    Hope this helps,

  4. crat3rs

    crat3rs New Member

    Dec 2009
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    Keywords got it's own formula also. Using keyword more than 3% is considered search spam.



    (Nkr/Tkn)*100 =keyword density value

    Nkr=times you use the same keyword,
    Tkn=total words in the analyzed text
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