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Discussion in 'Business Discussions' started by Bailey, Feb 25, 2011.

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    I'm sure I've already posted on this subject before - but it should have a place in a domainers vocabulary so I'll go again.

    Take a thousand marketing executives - divide them in to a 100 rooms of ten.

    Now give these unattached groups the same key generic words, and ask them to slogan build. We are going to give them the same "marketing requirements" but no direction - go with whatever they please.

    Those that have even a basic and fundemental understanding of marketing will understand that repeats -even across the 100 board answers will emerge. call it a natural empaphy or whatever - there's nothing mindblowing, just as in any science a hundred parties could believe they were within the same spitting distance of Noble winning solution. It's just about being attached to or working with the relatives (No not those ones).Which they all were

    Heres some examples that have absolutley no bearing with me.

    Food -(question) I want a workable memorable two word solution - do you honestly think "LoveFood" wouldn't appear in a marketing mindset across our 1000 members. - and therefore most likely appear in each of the 100 group suggestions - of course it will.

    Ok so lets take something a little bit more remote - plastering.

    PlasterArt will appear not because it's particullary great ( in lower case it's shit) but it invokes.

    My argument - Is one dosen't need explaining to those that know how to make it work. The argument for me is to convince the sceptics there really is no such thing as 'anything' - when it comes to workable creative domains
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