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    I am selling and accepting offers for the following domain:

    Reason for the sale below. But first, features/benefits of this domain and the site it served, something I’ve had for a very long time.
    • First registered it back in 1999. I’ve had it ever since.
    • Published a popular site for freelance writers. Did it in HTML. It was a blog in format, really, but back then, I had no idea what a blog was. Eventually moved it over to WordPress around 2006 or 2007.
    • Was ranked one of Writer’s Digest magazine’s “Top 100 Websites for Writers”
    • At its peak, it was a PR5 or PR6. Don’t really remember (years ago). Probably PR5. Now it’s PR3.
    • Have been too busy with many other projects the past few years to give this site much love and attention. Maybe it’s time to let the name go.
    • Name, obviously, is great for branding purposes and quite memorable. Versatile too, great for anything writing-related. The past few years, this has been focused on indie publishing.
    I’m looking for offers for the domain only. If for whatever reason you’re interested in acquiring the site and content (with or without the name), please indicate that in your offer. But again, I’m primarily looking for offers for the domain only.

    Now, even though I’ve long considered this brand sort of like a baby of mine, here’s the reason why now may be the time to make it available to someone else who could benefit from it...

    Reason: I got word that the young daughter of a good friend, someone I’ve known since preschool in the Philippines (we literally first met each other on the playground at recess), has Stage IV Neuroblastoma. She is only 7 years old, a fighter, but she hasn’t responded well to treatment. I’m afraid her time with us is fast drawing to a close.

    Although I have been in regular contact with my childhood friend the past few years thanks to Facebook, I was totally unaware that they were going through this. It only came out when I recently suggested that I’ll take my family back to the islands to visit (we’re in the US) and that we get our families together for a joint family beach vacation. I point this out to illustrate how my friend is a very proud man, and how it’s vitally important to him to keep his problems to himself.

    But neither of us are wealthy men. I’m just slightly better off because of where I am. And I know without thinking too hard that he is now really in the hole financially with his daughter’s treatment. The country has no socialized healthcare, and I think most folks are pay-as-they-go. He hasn’t mentioned or complained about it -- his complete focus is on his daughter’s comfort -- but there are things one just knows.

    So I’d like to help him out in whatever little way I can. There is no way he’ll forgive me if I do a GoFundMe campaign and/or a Facebook plea that will bring his financial difficulties to light among our peers and acquaintances. So I figure this is the best I can try to help without publicizing and bringing undue attention to them in any way.

    I’ve decided to try and sell my domains that I can let go, and forward all proceeds to him. He’ll probably personally consider it a debt, but it’s something I know I will never seek repayment for. I just want him to focus as much as possible on spending time with his daughter. My domains, if sold, won’t take a huge dent off of his predicament, but the little bit may help in some way.

    That’s the situation my friends. Now that I think about it, I’ve decided to list any domains I have that are currently undeveloped and am just sitting on (below). If or any of those listed below interest you, I’d appreciate an offer for purchase.

    Domains available (registrar - expdate)
    • (godaddy - 12/09/16)
    • (godaddy - 09/23/16)
    • (namebright - 11/28/16)
    • (godaddy - 11/05/16)
    • (namebright - 07/26/16)
    • (godaddy - 09/23/16)
    • (godaddy - 09/23/16)
    • (namebright - 11/27/16)
    • (godaddy - 10/03/16)
    I’ve had all of these long enough that they’re transferrable and can be pushed to any registrar that you use.

    To make an offer, please email me at

    domains AT eldonsarte DOT com

    I’m currently away on leave (it’s a long holiday weekend in the US) and can only access the Net with my smartphone. There will be areas I’ll be visiting where in my experience the connection will be spotty at best. So I don’t think I’ll be able to reliably access this site for forum replies and DMs. So please email offers instead.

    Payment by Paypal or bank wire and I should be able to do a transfer (or contact an assistant to do it) fairly quickly.

    Using an escrow is fine, but if you want to use one, please note that all fees will be at your expense. I want to remit all funds to my friend, simply put. I’ve done more than a few domain transactions with no escrow through the years (many internationally with buyers in Europe and the UK), and since I’m not out to screw anyone and like to have a good rep, there have obviously been no problems. But if you feel better with one, that’s fine, but again, its fees come out of your pocket.

    Thanks for your consideration, my friends, and make sure to hug a loved one today.
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