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Wots these SL thingys?

Discussion in 'New Domainers' started by crabfoot, May 21, 2009.

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  1. crabfoot United Kingdom

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    Jan 2009
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    Yea, brethren, perhaps I should know better - but I just have to ask this stupid question.

    A couple of days ago I clicked on a google ad for a .SL domain seller - apparently it stands for Sierra Leone, which is a country/place in Africa, approximately as big as the bum of the average National Express clippie.

    They have a charge of $50 per year, with trivial discounts for 3-5 years, and no obvious advantage unless you want names like (don't bother looking, it has gone). And they charge an extra $250 for a 3 letter name.

    So given the obvious cost disadvantages behind the secondary overpriced crud names that are frequently offered, and the disadvantages of the other TLDs that Google ignores, why would they think that anyone might want to pay over the odds for a crappy .SL domain in a crowded market?

    Also, if SL means Sierra Leone, what does Slovenia use?

    No answers on the back of a postage stamp will be accepted ...
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