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would somebody value this website as a whole??

Discussion in 'Domain Appraisals' started by SIMONR85, Oct 28, 2006.

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  1. SIMONR85

    SIMONR85 Active Member

    Aug 2006
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    Hi my website Free uk sim cards has been running since march this year and is doing ok through natural search engine results only:

    And if the value is right then i may want to sell to give me time for other projects.

    Stats as follows (all are natural through SE's with logs to prove):

    this month to date (28th oct)
    3047 pageloads
    1690 uniques

    sept 06
    3969 pageloads
    2278 uniques

    august 06
    2816 pageloads
    1743 uniques

    earlier stats not available as i did not have a reliable tracking system, can provide returning visits stats for above months also


    The website has a number of other websites linking to it and the numbers are as follows for the big 3:

    GOOGLE:12 (only shows between 5%-10% of all backlinks they know about)


    The site has made:

    £248.85 through affiliate network #1
    £122.40 through affiliate network #2
    £42 through affiliate network #3

    approx £50 (underestimate) from other affiliate networks i use but have not earned much so far with each 1

    PM for more details of the above

    $626.79 since 1st June, through contextual advertising for a very big company whom i cannot say :D

    any other info i should provide???

    domain is reg'd till approx march 08

    Dont know what else to say apart from this is my first project and would like to go on to try bigger and better things, which this website could finance

    thanks for listening :p
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    Acorn Domains Elite Member

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  3. mishmash

    mishmash Active Member

    Jan 2005
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    With a site like this often I find the most profitible period can be about 3-6 months after starting the site - for those sites which don't take and start to organically gain traffic. There's a good chance that this site is in its peek earnings period.

    Due to the risk involved (the earnings might drop) I wouldn't pay more than 12 months revenue for the site. I think the domain itsself has minimal value - and and even are all available at the time of writing. The overture score for many releated phrases including "card" are much larger than those with the plural "cards", so I'd value the available domain "" higher than the domain used on this site. A google manual review of the site might lead to it being dropped for having no substantive content if the affiliate links were removed.

    An important part of any online transaction - particularly at this level where escrow fees are not an option - is trust. On the forum section of your site we see the site admin (presumably you) discussing creating a site for a client saying:
    On the front page of the site under appriasal you say:
    The first of which is a clear lie, and the second is incredible.

    The Whois data is not compliant with nominet rules, this site is being used commerially and yet a claim is being made that the "registrant is a non-trading individual".

    As far as I can see it's a four page site with no substantive unique content - though there is a forum - though that hasn't built to a stage where its got any real value.

    In your favour though - is an all positive ebay profile - but all as a buyer and for generally small value items.

    A site's only worth what anyone's willing to pay, and in this case I'm not making you an offer so that tells you something. I expect the site is potentially worth more to you in earnings than it would be to any buyer. In terms of putting a value on it - two starting points would be:

    1. Earnings - between 6-12 months - ie. between £600 and £1000 (If any buyer accepts your figures as accurate)
    2. Cost to produce an equivelent site - as a similarly competitive domain can be obtained for the registration fee, that cost to me would be no more than £200, including (primarily) my time and any coder time.

    The other points I've raised above detract from those starting points.
  4. SIMONR85

    SIMONR85 Active Member

    Aug 2006
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    Cheers. I dont think i would sell it anyway, just wanted to see what it would be worth.
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